Data Analysis with CSV

Data Analysis with CSV

This week we introduced a new datasource connector for *CSV *and other text files

CSV files are the simplest way to share data between applications when there is no API available. Many companies rely on CSV files in their day-to-day workflow, so we took our time to make sure we could give a good user experience on the import and export of text files.

As of today you can upload CSV files and create a database with these files, establish relationships between them and perform data analysis over them, using our Widget Creator with Drag&Drop or using SQL queries. Then you can save your work in charts, metrics or tables and put them in one of your dashboards. You can also export your work into a new CSV file if you need to feed it into another application, or you just want to work your filtered data in Excel.

We hope this opens new doors and new usages for Viur as a tool that allows you to do data analysis quickly and easily.

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