New Features

Our vision is to create a product so simple that anyone can use, hiding all the complex processes in data analysis. This week we focused on improving the user onboarding. The biggest change is the “help” button that allows you to immediately authorize Google Analytics and add widgets to the dashboard in a heartbeat. This help page also has other topics regarding database widgets and data exploration. With time, we will add more useful topics, and refine the existing.

Help button

Clicking the help will open a friendly modal:

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Another big new feature is that you can now edit widgets from the dashboard. Editing the widget will open it in the “Widget Creator” where you can tweak and then update the widget or save as a new one.

Widget Options

The header menu also changed, we moved the dashboard name next  to the navigation so the dashboard could have more vertical space.

New Navigation

We also improved the performance in the Widget Creator so you can explore data more quickly.

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