Taking the most of databases without SQL

Taking the most of databases without SQL

Small Data still has a major role in company's day-to-day activities and databases are still here to stay. Database engines are more powerful than ever and handle really well calculations, so why should we not take the most of what they have to offer?

Northwind ER fig 1 - a database schema with its tables and columns

Viur has a feature that lets you perform advanced calculations and/or apply functions over your data without having to know any SQL or scripting language. You can use your table columns to create new attributes that are called “Formulas”.

When composing a new Formula you can use mathematical operators:

  • +: Addition

  • -: Subtraction

  • * : Multiplication

  • / : Division

  • ^ : Power

and functions:

  • ABS: Absolute

  • COUNT: Count

  • COUNTD: Count Distinct

  • MAX: Maximum

  • MIN: Minimum

  • AVG : Average

  • SUM: Sum

Take a closer look on how Viur displays your Tables and Columns:

Widget Creator fig 2 - The accordion on the left contains the tables and inside each table are its columns.

You can make new formulas using these columns (they don’t need to be from the same table) simply by dragging them to the Measures or Dimensions area like you would normally do in order to build a chart.

So let's drag “Units in Stock” and “Units on Order” into the *Measures *area

Formulas fig 3 - the columns become green when they are selected in formula mode.

To create a new formula you simply type a formula like you would do in Excel
Available Stock Formula fig 4 - Dialog for composing a new formula

When you save the formula it will be available at any time for future reuse as if it were a new column in your database.

Note: This new column is virtual, it is not really created in the database!

Available Stock Chart

fig 5 - A chart using our newly created formula

This feature will definitely allow you to create more and better insights and explore your data without coding any SQL!

If you need a deeper walk-through or want to know more about Viur please contact us or visit www.viurdata.com